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Rational Administrators

This site was created to provide tools, information, and share experience that might be useful for Rational tools administrators.

It is powered by MediaWiki and opened for everyone. If you would like to contribute your materials, please feel free to do it. You need to register to create or edit wiki pages only.

Latest news

  • This site is under migration
The site is moving. I apologize for inconvenience. In interim time, support forum will be available at http://forum.cqadmin.com

  • Email Notification Package was successfully tested with ClearQuest version 7.1!
BTW, it needs to be re-registered on machines where you run ClearQuest designer. Please check ClearQuest_7.1 page for details.

  • Email notification package support forum
Support forum is available now. Please do not hesitate to ask questions or share your experience.